Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hacking the treats

Hacking the treats! Jazz up that store-bought dip by adding fresh herbs.. It really brings out great flavor.  I bought that ranch dip and added fresh dill into it, serve the chips with style :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chicken steak with steamed red baby potatoes and salad

One of those quick and easy to do with simple flavors.  All you need is chicken breast, salt and pepper and a little oil to rub on the chicken.  The steak can be prepared ahead and cooks really quick. 

While steaming the potatoes, mix the salad and prepare the plates with portion of salad on it.  Cook the steak about 2-3 minutes each side on high heat.

To prepare the steak:

You need a meat tenderizer and cling film

Chicken breast, salt and pepper, oil.

On a flat working surface, place a kitchen cloth, then lay flat a piece of cling film, (spare enough size to cover the chicken), lay the chicken breast flat and cover it with the remaining plastic cling film, pound with the meat tenderizer with enough pressure just to spread the meat nice and thin.  When desired thinness  is achieved, season the meat with salt and pepper.   Keep in the fridge until ready to cook.

(This is really easy, i hope i can do the video on the tricks.  This is one of those hard to explain in words, a short video would be great.   I'll put this on the list.)

For the side:
Cut the baby potatoes in half, stea for 8-10 minutes, season with salt and pepper.   Serve it together with the salad, add the steak on the plate.  Serve while steak is still warm.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Cookie making..

Leila is so quirky and funny in a lot of ways!  I'm always amazed with the way she is.  On the otherhand,  i swear I didn't see the doubled chin in me! hahaha  Oh well, next time, i know where to prohibit an angle. :-)  Eventually it will soon improve with the improvised tripod holder for the ipad.  Bare with our first time video together.. "there's always the first time"

We used the basic cookie recipe that I have tried before and it always works well. We just reduced the amount of sugar as we don't like overly sweet cookies.

1 Cup butter/margarine
1 Cup Sugar
2 t. Vanilla extract
1 Cup self raising flour
1 3/4 Cup plain flour
1/2 Cup Corn flour
2 pcs. Egg Yolks

Beat butter, sugar, eggyolks and vanilla extract until light and fluffy. Fold in flour mixture and mix well until dough doesn't stick to the hands. Roll out dough to 6mm thickness and cut with cookie cutter. Place on baking try and bake in preheated oven 170 degrees Celcius for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Cookie Making (teaser)

An afternoon of baking with my daughter was fun, as long as you deal with the mess, that is.  Well, the delight on her face was priceless.

Summer isn't over in this part of the world yet, so the kid needs some entertainment in the kitchen... here's what we did one afternoon, after we realized the cookie that we bought last week, was really bad, like we cant even barely finish one piece. I guess its about time she has to know that the sometimes, the best things are made at home.

Here is the teaser as we are still editing the full video.  I hope it will be finished soon (crossing fingers). Mommy is still learning the craft, so there's so much to learn.  We have converted our kitchen into a D.I.Y Studio.  More fun in the kitchen indeed.

Thanks for watching.

Note to self. I just learned that uploading videos in youtube is better than FB.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

How to store bread

Store breads in a ziplock plastic bags and freeze. Thaw when needed. Heat in thr oven for a few minutes.  It will be as good as freshly baked!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crispy Chicken Strips

Crispy Chicken strips
Crispy Chicken Strips

This is so simple and easy to make.  I like the versatility you can do with this.  Can be served with any of your favorite sauce or dip, or salad, potatoes, or rice. The cornmeal is the essential ingredient for its crispiness that you don't have to worry if it sits for awhile, without getting soggy.  I guess i don't have to elaborate more on the quantity as it is self-explanatory.  The more chicken, the more flavoring and coating you need.  Rough estimates won't do harm.
Chicken Breast (sliced into thin strips)
dried oregano
pepper (freshly ground)  ( i used pepper grinder all the time)
oil for frying

Season the meat with salt and pepper, add a generous amount of oregano,  Give it a little rub so it will stick to the meat.
In a bowl, place the corn meal,  Add the meat and set aside. Shake each strip to get rid of extra cornmeal before frying.
Heat the pan and add oil for frying.
shake to get rid of extra cornmeal before frying.  Shallow fry for about a minute each side until golden brown.

watch the video:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Frozen tilapia

These frozen tilapia comes very convenient for home cooking. One pack got 6-10 pcs. of individually vacuum packed fillet. Easy to thaw.  No need to microwave defrost. Just keep them in water and forget about it for a few minutes while prepping other ingredients, and when ready, open the vaccum packed and ready to rock in roll in the kitchen.

Stir-fried seafoods with salad

got this pack of frozen mixed seafoods sitting in the freezer for awhile. In it are slice squid, clams(meat only), mussels and scallops.   i wouldnt say its not great but it was a little bit tricky as i put it out of the fridge on the last minute, probably it would have been easier if had it planned and thawed it earlier. Well, it took a while to stir-fry as it turned watery at first, then i took some if the liquid out of the pan, otherwise it will be boiled.  I lost some if the flavors, but i got no choice.  I am surprised the squid and scallop didnt turn out rubbery as i expected.  Served it with salad.  Nevertheless, different twist for dinner tonight.  Hubby made the lemon vinaigret for the salad. 

Note to self: dont buy that frozen seafood mix again.  It is not cooking evenly because it has different size of of meats.  

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